E House

Menorca, Spain
Marina Senabre
Julio Feroz

Designed by Spanish architect Marina Senabre, E House (Casa E) is presented as a conversation between two architectural pieces. Two volumes that represent, on the one hand, the characteristic construction and building of the island of Menorca and, on the other, contemporary architecture. The dialogue between the two speaks a language of composition and aesthetics.

The contrast between the purity of the geometry and the sinuous nature that surrounds the house is equally important—the architecture seems to settle on the landscape in a respectful way, integrating and standing out at the same time. The Menorca countryside manages to enter the house through the large square openings, like works of art on the wall that completely link it to the territory. From a minimalist standpoint, the significance of this is huge. There is no need for ornamentation when the design of the house invites the stunning natural surroundings inside.

The interior of the house has been designed to reflect the same duality—it is minimalist and also warm. This is achieved through continuous materials that cover horizontal and vertical surfaces always in contact with traditional elements, such as natural woodwork. The house exemplifies simplicity.

The programme of E House is distributed in the two pieces, which work independently from one another. Living spaces, including the kitchen, dining, and lounge areas are housed in the larger volume. They connect with each other and with the outside through the large openings and the interior patios, which articulate and illuminate the more private rooms. The smaller piece acts as an auxiliary pavilion and contains, on the one hand, the complete guest room and, on the other, a space for playing sports and a small indoor pool. Here, Senabre has created a place completely in contact with the landscape to relax and contemplate the countryside of Menorca.

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