package design

P.R.I.M.V.S is a brand that has upped the ante in a number of consumer sectors and has initially turned its attention to food — a sector that has, for too long, been looked upon as merely a necessity of life and requires limited in-depth packaging design.

P.R.I.M.V.S intended not only to be at the cutting edge of design for aesthetic purposes but, most importantly, desired that the packaging be of the quality that their discerning clientele would be pleased to have on their tables. Design and form is therefore essential to P.R.I.M.V.S, and their packaging has proprietary bottles and jars that were especially commissioned by the CEO and founder. Aboslute minimalism and essentialism are fundamental elements to be seen in the design and communicate harmony, serenity and a fastidious detail to attention on all aspects of the packaging process. The contours and subtle curves lend to functional forms that, whilst dynamic were conceived for the most demanding of discerning clientele.

Organic material such as natural beech wood was utilised — a first in the world for mineral water bottles. Opaque black caps, again a first in food and exclusively studied for P.R.I.M.V.S are utilsed and labelling was purposefully silk screened on the sides of the mineral water and olive oil bottles to ensure that the brand name on the front is visbile without distracting elements.

Designed by the Portuguese studio, NTGJ, it strictly abides by P.R.I.M.V.S' philosophy of "less is more". With a remarkable attention to detail, I especially like the wooden cap, and the very deliberate omission of any superfluous elements to show what is really important through the glass bottle — the contents inside — the best way to present the quality of a product.

Featured products are: Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, Olio Extravergine di Olive TOSCANO IGP, Pesto Genovese con Basilico DOP, Pomodoro San Manzano, and Ultra Low Sodium Still and Sparkling Mineral Water.

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