Balmoral Residence


Facing the gorgeous coast of Sydney’s Balmoral Beach stands the homonymous dwelling by design studio Redgen Mathieson. Known for their high-end work and clever use of scale and forms, the project at hand brings forth a familiar sense of luxury with a welcome minimalist sensibility as a twist.

Balmoral Residence's outer shell is a strong homage to Modernism accentuated by strong black and white lines. It exudes an old-school feeling to an undeniably contemporary dwelling. The transition from the social area to the pool upgrades the patio to one of the most interesting spaces of the house. Employing crystal-clear glass partitions as a sculptural element, the pool becomes the undisputed main feature. It is a different type of minimalism at play, not about absence but about visual lightness. The water garden, as it was named, is filled with dense plants, vying for more privacy.

The three-level residence offers expansive living space on all floors, an undeniable sense of amplitude is employed with ease through the four bedrooms and social area. As each section is filled with handpicked wooden furniture, it serves as the direct opposite of the main materials: white walls and terrazzo flooring. Among the many ambients, the bathroom is notable and worthy of a careful look. A custom designed oak timber bathtub and vanity unit were built with stark angles, flirting with Japanese aesthetics.

The atmosphere is rooted in a feeling of quiet luxury, from the confident geometry as the recurring element to the collection of art and worldly objects throughout. Minimalism serves as the guideline to achieve such high standards.

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