R-Series Umbrella

industrial design

Scottish Industrial design studio Instrmnt has recently introduced a minimal and sophisticated object to their collection: the R-Series Umbrella. The umbrella is built from machined aluminium components and features individual details such as a Japanese fabric canopy and hand-stitched leather grip.

The bent aluminium handle—left hollow to save weight and create a subtle visual queue to the city bike—provides added functionality, alongside a uniquely threaded metal keeper to hold the canopy tips.

The umbrella follows the launch of 2018’s A-Series Clock as Instrmnt continue to grow from a sole focus on watches to a wider collection of high quality, minimally designed accessories and lifestyle goods.

Localising the manufacturing and assembly of products has been a key aim for the studio; while specific materials are sourced in Europe and Japan, all manufacturing processes for the R-Series takes place in the UK. Each leather grip is stitched by hand in Oxford, while final assembly occurs at Instrmnt’s custom-built workshop in Glasgow.

The launch sees the studio further broaden its offering in the lifestyle and accessory market after building an international reputation for producing Swiss Quartz watches.

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