Slava Varsovia 16/17


With a stunning Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection Slava Varsovia returns to its idiosyncratic focus on black and white tones after a little detour to cream colours for a no less beautiful limited edition.

This season, designer Anna Szydlowska started the creative process with the exploration of particular materials: Soft velour, delicate suede, thin, graphic, pleated materials and thick, matte, natural layers lay the foundation for a collection playing with geometric shapes and soft folds in a most sophisticated way. New to this specific collection are a small sack and a bag in the shape of a semicircle in grey suede, highlighting the focus on materials beautifully.

All this beauty is perfectly set in scene by photographer Kasia Bielska, who is a regular collaborator to the brand. She knows the character of Slava Varsovia inside out and she always finds a way to emphasise it by creating a visual balance between aesthetic abstraction and self-confident femininity.

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