Remember House


For this four-story family residence, we experimented with vertical circulation and crisp white materiality to create a spacious, vibrant, and geometrically engaging house. Organised around a singular central spine, the project is an exploration of fluid continuity and volumetric adventure.

Remember House is an astonishing dwelling located on a down-sloped hillside development overlooking San Francisco, California. Designed by US studio Edmonds + Lee Architects, the interior plays with an all-white palette because of the clients’ general aesthetic focus—white, spacious, minimalism—and their same enthusiasm as the architect's; treating interiors like galleries or museums where the main visual interest derives from the decor, the art, and the furniture.

Working in this line, the space flows from end to end, with a continuity of materials, meanwhile the double-height spaces and a staircase centred within the central spine encourage the clients and their visitors to engage with each level.

Outside, the exterior offers a counterpoint to the interior with dark panels that differentiate the house from its neighbours and also from what it contains.

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