Reykjavik House


Reykjavik House was developed by the Polish architecture office Moomoo Architects, located in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

This minimalist house stands out for its all white exterior and two glazed walls. Although I think with this project, the environment is almost as important as the building itself, because the combined result is what draws your attention, creating a poetic feeling.

The interior is finished using birch wood, a great combination for minimalist interiors in my opinion, because you can achieve a warm and plain space at the same time thanks to this wood.

The architects also highlighted:

The glazings on both sides of the house are slidable, so during the warmer seasons they can be folded, making the terrace a continuation of the area of the house. This manipulation of the shape of the house blurs the border between the house and the surrounding landscape.

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