RIMA Table Lamp

industrial design

Here is a eureka moment many designers dream of: Observing a common household item triggers an insight to create an extraordinary design product. Designer Matthias Pinkert, relying on his talent and technique, observed the simple curtain and its ability to regulate the light quantity in a room — and thus, the premise for RIMA was born.

German company Holy Trinity (formerly known as Dreipuls) decided to create a minimalist product with a strong focus on intuitive design. RIMA, consisting of 54 LED lamps houses reliers on four high-tech rings to offer the user absolute control over its experience. To regulate whichever section of the horizontal banister, one only needs to drag it to the side and delimit the area it wants to be lit. With a simple touch, built-in sensors turn the light on and off in any desired setting. All in all, the control scheme manages to simplify a complex task into very few manoeuvres.

Visually the table lamp exudes a great deal of weightlessness, as very thin legs support the lamp’s body. Reminiscent of Philippe Starck’s unusual visual solutions, this creation stands tall as a bid for a contemporary archetype in light design. RIMA is a perfect example of a luxury product holding its ground on functionality and timeless aesthetics.

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