Roadside House

Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
K+S Architects
Shinoda Construction
Hiroshi Ueda

The site is located in a gradually developing area of ​​the local city of Maebashi. Facing a 30m wide main road, traffic volume is expected to increase in the future. Amidst a chaotic urban mix of care facilities, offices, eateries, apartments, and homes, the challenge is to ensure tranquility while embracing city life.

Rather than conventional shielding, the concept by K+S Architects involves elevating private spaces to an upper tier, reserving the ground for semi-public functions. The minimal design fosters a city connection while maintaining separation. A defining "loop wall" encircles upper living areas, combining privacy with urban interplay using rustic cedar textures.

An innovative corridor parallel to the road acts as an inviting passage to studios, guest rooms, and a serene courtyard. Indoor-outdoor harmony defines spaces throughout, like the studio linked to the city, and the guest room merging with the courtyard. Japanese design elements grace the dining area, while upper floors seamlessly integrate terraces and rooms. Roadside House superbly captures the urban energy while preserving residential calm.

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