Bruny Island Hideaway

Bruny Island, Australia
Rob Maver
Maguire + Divine Architects

Taking minimal design to its extreme, the stunning Bruny Island Hideaway is a cabin equipped with only the necessities. Stylish in its quiet simplicity, the dwelling was inspired by traditional Japanese design. Maguire + Devine Architects designed a structure where the house is a piece of furniture, and only a low table and mattress for the bedroom are not built in.

The dwelling sits on a private parcel of land in Tasmania, Australia. Clad in a combination of corrugated metal siding and warm wood paneling, the exterior lends an inviting air. Oversized entry ways on the east and west side of the home contribute to the vibe, opening the home to the outdoors. As Bruny Island Hideaway is surrounded by scenic Australian wilderness, the sliding doors also serve as portals connecting the home to nature.

Lovely Baltic pine covers nearly all of the interior, washing the residence in a warm, comforting light. As nearly all the furniture is built-in, it too is comprised of the Baltic pine. One long great room, bookended on either side by the floor-to-ceiling glass, holds the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. Pulling from its Japanese influences, the dining table is elevated on a platform, with soft sheepskin furs laid out for the seats. Recessed shelving holds select personal accessories, while cabinetry hides away items not in use. The kitchen is opposite the dining area, accented with black tile on the floor and backsplash. A wood burning stove is a highlight of the room: at once practical and eye-catching, the stove instantly brings coziness to the entire room. The bedroom is situated on a small sleeping loft on the second floor. The loft is accessed by an elegant ladder built of the same pine wood as the rest of the interior.

On the exterior, east and west decks capture the morning and evening sun. The large terraces provide the perfect place for viewing sunrise and sunsets, and no where is better for sunset watching than the outdoor bath recessed in the deck. The sunken tub faces the woods, set at the end of the simple wooden patio. Contributing to its minimal ethos, Bruny Island Hideaway features solar panels on the roof and a small shed for firewood. As a result, the environmental footprint of the home is kept small while keeping the owner comfortable in warm or cool weather.

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