S005 Watch

industrial design

The fifth anniversary of Melbourne-based Stock Watches sees the release of the stunning S005, and much like the brand's previous models, simplicity, functionality, and beauty sit at the core of the design—principles that are always appreciated at Minimalissimo. Stock explains to us the characteristics and approach to creating S005 series.

This watch series is a design exercise in reductive design, limiting the amount of steel used before the watch is not technically possible to manufacture. The bulk of the watch case is a mere 4.2mm with an additional 2.3mm lug design hidden beneath. Measuring in at 36mm in diameter, the watch takes cues from slim watches from the 60's that were modest in sizing and thin on the wrist.

The sizing of Stock's watches is on the smaller scale for modern watches as the market has become flooded with larger 40mm+ pieces and the assistance of crowdfunding, though Stock remains proudly independent. Through the brand's smaller scale and contemporary design, influenced by the past, Stock have produced an incredibly elegant and timeless minimalist accessory that is available in 5 colour options, and two dial variations.

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