Sans Form

I was recently introduced to Sans Form, an independent minimalistic brand of t-shirts, hoodies, prints and bags created by an international collective of renowned graphic designers. Hand-printed using the best paper, the most vibrant ink, and only the softest of t-shirts, their products have been beautifully and carefully designed.

The majority of prints in the store have been designed by Sans Form, but the superb and visually simple Shapes Evolution collection is the result of Italian graphic designer Alessandro Scarpellini of Aesse. Many more designers will be contributing to the store throughout the year, including Add Studio, Ashley O'Brien, Andy Sherborne, Bili Cardona, and Maqina.

Sans Form have also been generous enough to offer our readers a 10% discount on all items, using the code: MINIMALISSIMO. There is also a 15% discount if you follow Sans Form on Twitter or Instagram.

In the shop