Switch Lamp

industrial design

New York based industrial designer and artist William Lee recently presented his latest offering at NY Design Week. This is Switch, a limited edition, minimalist lamp that engages interaction through its own function. The desk/bedside lamp draws inspiration from two places; a typical on/off switch on the wall, coupled with Lee's interest for art direction, visual balance, and structure.

Stripped down to its bare essentials, Switch is made entirely of an acrylic construction with 60 LEDs hidden underneath. Lee explains:

In off mode, it faces down in an unassuming flat position. When toggled on, Switch brings an illuminating surprise and takes on another shape by its new orientation. The weighted base grounds the form, leaving a minimal cantilever in its architectural essence. What's unique about Switch is its rechargeable power and detachable cable. In an age of digital technology where everyday objects communicate or work seamlessly, a portable lamp was appropriate where it can be placed virtually anywhere that light is needed in or outdoors, untethered and free.

It's a combination of Switch's mobility and exquisite style that impresses so much. I have no doubt that this will be in high demand. Beautiful work.

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