Sartorial Monk


There are rare moments in writing about fashion when you want to use as few words as possible because the images and the style — in this case even the name of the brand — speak for themselves. Sartorial Monk is a project that’s only in its second collection, conceived by Italian designer and tailor Sabato Russo.

There is not even a website for the brand yet, but a more than beautiful Instagram feed. For everyone who loves to see new, exciting, minimalist and slightly avant-garde brands rising, this is a must follow. There are only two other relevant pieces of information to be found about the brand and the designer, but those frame the style and cultural background perfectly. Sabato Russo also specialises in wedding tailoring and Sartorial Monks’ second collection won the best menswear design award at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai.

And that’s exactly where I’d love to see the design journey of Sartorial Monk proceeding: on a pristine balance between the Italian elegance of traditional tailoring and the powerful texture of Arab draping.

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