Guest House in Hudson Woods

Jeff Cate
Interior Design
Magdalena Keck
Lang Architecture

On a hill in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York is a lovely new project by Magdalena Keck. Guest House in Hudson Woods is a modern cottage designed for getaways. Set against the scenic background of the woods, the structure of the home is a simple structure with a wooden facade. The ranch-style dwelling, set slightly in to the hillside, has a gently sloped roof that lends it its modern air. Reminiscent of the surrounding woods, the facade is covered in a warm wood. Three large windows and clear-view doors are inset in the front, allowing for multiple entrances into the home’s three rooms.

The interior features two bedrooms and a comfortably sized great room. The exterior walls mimic the wood siding on the facade, warming up the interior and infusing it with a dose of nature. The kitchen spans the back of the great room and consists of a simple cabinet in the same wood as the wall behind it. A row of windows above flood the room with natural light and give another glimpse of the gorgeous scenery. In an artful design move, the cabinetry steps down and forms a bench for a small dining area. A built-in table and lightweight bar stools complete the look.

The showstopper of the living is a stunning black metal fireplace. Set against a white wall, the fireplace is a dominating sculptural element among the simple furnishings of the room. According to Keck, the design embodies elements of American craftsmanship, Scandinavian mid-century aesthetic, and Japanese sensibility. This is especially apparent in the living room: the structure feels American ranch, the furnishings have a Japanese feel, and the fireplace reads as pure Scandinavian.

The living room is bordered by the two bedrooms. The beds float, Japanese-style, on wooden platforms. Simple lanterns serve as the lights on the night tables. A row of drapery pulls aside to reveal the oversized windows and entrance seen from the front. The nature, visible through the windows, reads like a painting against the simplicity of the bedrooms. Like any great getaway in the mountains, Guest House in Hudson Woods is complete with an outdoor lounge area and firepit, perfect for relaxing on clear nights.

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