industrial design

The product with a charming title—SCROOSER—is made in Germany and is described as the one that began a new era. The innovative electric scooter rolls off the line not only by its looks but also by the function that it provides. The designers want to introduce a difference to towns and cities around the world. This new lifestyle vehicle has series-production readiness and the German startup company has revolutionised urban mobility with its innovative scooter.

We have been working hard for this moment. Now the SCROOSER is ready for the market, says Jens Thieme who is the main inventor and innovator of the electric scooter.

But who is the driver of this incredible vehicle? SCROOSER is designed for insightful and environmentally conscious individuals in urban habitats. No engine rattle. No emissions. SCROOSER is pure design. And pure driving fun. The basic principle is very familiar. The use of it is very easy and everyone who cares about the environment can drive it. You push off with your foot and the scooter accelerates. So it recognises the strength of the driver's physical pulse and accelerates the SCROOSER accordingly. Another design feature is the extra-wide tires that give the SCROOSER the unique driving feeling of gliding.

SCROOSER can only be activated with a digital key. For additional anti-theft protection, it comes with an immobiliser and a steel cable lock hidden under the seat. I can only add that SCROOSER is an object that can provide both function and fun in the design aspect. The minimal design adds the detail to this superb composition and concept.

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