Seashore Library


As the trend for electronic books grow steadily, it’s reassuring to see several manoeuvres from the printed books devotees to keep this beloved format afloat above the competition. Vector Architects offers their contribution with the Seashore Library, a handsome concrete-clad monolith located in the Beidaihe New District.

Right in the middle of the sheltered library sits the reading lounge, facing the ocean openly, offering a gorgeous view for the readers. As expected, it is the main attraction out of the 450sqm structure. Alternating between openness and direct sunlight, while other quarters play with shadow and narrowness as a feature. Surprisingly, the architects managed to stimulate constant tranquillity throughout the building, guaranteeing an extraordinary space for users to soak in the atmosphere from the coastal region in Eastern China.

An unexpected variety of geometric compositions are found in the outer façade and inside each room of the library. As each function is cleverly mapped with a distinct feel. Taking advantages of building materials such as small bricks, glass walls and stark windows and doors; each variation offers rhythm without losing visual harmony in any way.

In the midst of the waves of colourful and disruptive practices to stimulate the adoption of electronic media, it is uplifting to see minimalism alongside print media as an ideal partnership to offer an antidote for those seeking a safe haven for culture and contemplation.

Photography by He Bin, Su Shengliang and Xia Zhi.

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