Baluna Lamp

industrial design

Grupa Studio’s Baluna Lamp Collection sees a nuanced assortment of geometric combined luminaires dance in space. The initial concept for the pieces came from a desire to affect all elements of how light interacts with space, and to express how integral lighting is to our lives. Through the combination of a partial lid-type sphere, the direction of the lamp, can be controlled, and its intensity amplified as preferred. The variety of lamps offers diversity for the user, based on how they use light and how prominent the lighting elements are spatially.

Comprised of a frosted-glass ball of illumination, a half steel cup element, and a longer steel stand and arm components, there is a playfulness to this series, which adds a level of delight into how we perceive and create space. Available in varying heights, and as a lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, and two varieties of wall lights, Baluna has any space covered. Each piece has a dimming function, and a clear lineage of Grupa’s commitment to producing innovative and minimal design solutions. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Grupa is influencing residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces globally. Available directly through the designer, or Meizai, these congenial and beautiful lamps would be a welcomed space-enhancer.

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