Seaside House


Seaside House is a family weekend retreat in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture. The modern dwelling was designed by renowned Japanese architecture firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates; known for their timeless designs which combine a minimalist aesthetic with thoughtful functionality.

Two vastly different sides of Seaside House face its viewer. On the street side, the white façade is opaque, not allowing any eyes to permeate in or out. On the back side of the house, facing the ocean, the elevation is dominated by a floor to ceiling window that spans the length of the ground floor, and a matching sized terrace above. These two façades allow the residents the best of both worlds: privacy from street passersby and a connection to the surrounding landscape.

The lower level of Seaside House holds the bedrooms and bathrooms. A sizeable terrace ends in an infinity pool that mirrors the building-length window behind it. This repetition of shapes is found throughout and results in a fluidity of design elements. A sculptural spiral staircase, one of the rare breaks from rectangular forms, leads upstairs to the main living areas. Ocean views seep through every bit of living space, imparting a sense of colour on the home despite the all white interior design. The always-present water imparts a deep sense of tranquility upon the resident: a perfect retreat for mind and body.

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