Dwelling in Etura


This beautiful home is designed by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura. Located in Barrundia, Spain, Dwelling in Etura is inspired by the slope of the surrounding landscape. The house begins at the start of the slope, cutting down into the hill on one side and extending out on the other side. The entrance sits below the land, while the roof holds a garden. The home is oriented south to appeal to the views and climate of this region. The entire structure is designed with reinforced concrete.

I love this home! The materials and decoration are very simple, but the forms are incredibly dramatic. The cantilever in the back is especially thrilling. It is exciting to see such a strong gesture in a family home. The entrance to the rooftop garden is another beautiful form. Dwelling in Etura is a strong and stunning piece of architecture. This would certainly be a wonderful place to live.

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