S|H Apartment


S|H Apartment is a simple one bedroom home in Tel Aviv. Designed by Israeli interior designer Yael Perry, this dwelling revolves around a uniform colour palette and a commitment to our favourite adage, less is more.

The nearly all white interior makes the home feel very spacious, an important feature to have in a smaller dwelling. White parquet floors cover each room, while matching paint, cabinetry, and shades complete the look. White Carrara marble adds a dash of luxury to the bathroom vanity and shower. Hidden storage is key to keeping this home clean and tidy: sly closets and built-in storage rest in the entry hall, living room, and bedroom.

The white theme does not stop at the interior finishes: many of the furnishings are white as well. Matching the furniture to the finishes was a very clever way of keeping the apartment from feeling too busy. Many personal items are on display on shelves and tabletops throughout the home; these keep the residence from feeling too stark. Overall, S|H Apartment is clean and peaceful and the perfect contrast to the busy metropolis of Tel Aviv.

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