Kosmos Pen

industrial design

Stilform’s Kosmos Pen celebrates the ever-demising art of the act of writing, engaging a combination of technology, innovation and considered design. Intentionally designed to be cast from one solid block of a highly durable aluminium alloy, the finishes are designed to align with the multitude of Apple devices (comet grey, star silver, galaxy gild and rose moon), enabling users to match their pen of choice to their Apple lifestyle of choice. A simple twist of the cap, and the mechanism for writing is activated. Initially brought to market through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign in August 2016, Kosmos is now flourishing on its own two (inked) feet and was the 2016 recipient of the Red Dot Design Award.

Based in Munich, Germany, Stilform is operated by Christoph Bohrer, Alexander Schmidt and Martin Wagner after being founded in 2013. Conceived as a studio epicentre for design of products for aiding the home, living and lifestyle, the trio combines their deep understanding of modern society and its need for innovative creations together with a shared passion for intuitive design. And Kosmos is a perfect extension of that, designed with the intention to be a daily companion, and being able to customise and combine with other more heavily used products (our tech companions), it’s a beautiful accompaniment. Using magnet technology and careful weighting throughout the shaft, the pen is able to balance at any point, allowing for optimised ergonomics. Simplifying everyday life, and with the most beautiful of accessories to aid in curating a designed life, the Kosmos Pen is a beautiful, and very welcomed addition.

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