Sky Club House


It is no surprise to encounter a distinctive flair towards luxury at Dongguan city in China. Known for its industrial prowess, the city, located in Guangdong province, is home to several forward thinking conjectures, with architecture increasingly being one of them. The Sky Club House dares to stand amidst skyscrapers with confidence, thanks to its remarkably minimalist and sophisticated stance.

Designed by DOMANI Architectural Concepts, the gym aims to go beyond the usual restrictions, as the outer shell brings forth a sensibility normally reserved for modernist museums. A gorgeous geometric reflecting pool only serves to seal the deal for visual impact. On the inside, the gym extends the same material of the façade, as stacked concrete shares the limelight with marble. Such indulgence fits the bill for what this particular club aims to achieve, bringing forth a bespoke experience for its users.

Two main elements are cleverly employed to great effect: abundant glass and natural light. The large windows are strategically placed to foster shadow-play and amplitude in all areas, in addition to the sparse interior design layout. Geometric compositions are plenty, introducing a sense of exuberance. Some details should not go amiss; glass furniture and thin black lighting fixtures bring a playful element—a welcome addition.

Sky Club House gently balances the vigorous nature of a gym, but equally as a place to escape from the daily hustle. Almost like a temple in contemporary living.

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