Segment Shade

Segment Shade is a slip-cast ceramic pendant lampshade designed by Philip Cuttance, originally from New Zealand and now based in London. Each shade is cast from 11 individual wedge segments and each segment is cut at a unique angle. As the designer describes it:

When reassembled each face now intersects at a different angle to the adjacent wedge creating an irregular, asymmetric inner cavity where the Segment shade is slip-cast in ceramic. Each casting inherits the texture of the bandsaw cuts on the wedge faces.

I love the unique idea and method of how the Segment Shade is made, making each one feel special and still carries that quality whether on its own or displayed in a group. Its volume and proportion makes it so clean and pleasing to the eye while its light and airy minimalist appearance is complimented by the solidness of the ceramic.

It was displayed at the MOST Salone Milan Furniture Fair most recently and is available through the New Zealand manufacturer Resident.

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