Skypool Villa

Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
Koji Fujii

Designed by Japanese architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates, this 3-storey white volume villa situated in Kanagawa Prefecture sits along the coast where a large opening is planned on the south side overlooking the sea.

On the north facade, we planned a large staircase to the rooftop. Climbing the large stairs to the rooftop, you will find a transparent blue skypool made of transparent acrylic panels on four sides of 3 x 8 metres against the backdrop of the magnificent sea horizon and Mt. Fuji in the distance.

The living room and dining room are located on the first floor, and the large opening consists of six sashes with a height of 4.5 metres. When you open the sash, it becomes a space where the living room and the terrace are connected, and the infinity pool continues to the sea through the terrace and the basin.

In the semi-external space next to the living room separated by glass, an 18 metre pool extends toward the sea and constitutes a scene leading to the infinity pool. The room is simple and minimal with white as the base colour, and the neutral space devoid of decoration is a space where you can feel the transition of nature that changes its expression every moment.

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