B&O Play H5

industrial design

B&O Play makes no excuses for its combination of great design, innovation and street-cred cool. Aligned with their effortlessly chic reputation, their latest offering, the H5 wireless earphones, as part of their Beoplay range, are by no means an exception. Designed by Jakob Wagner, these beautiful buds are available in two colour palette options; rose or black. Both are subtle enough to align with current and classic trends. The consideration of the design extends to all facets of the product, from the custom made ear pieces and their varying sized ear piece options, the buttons and functionality, and (my favourite), the integrated magnets that act as an on/off switch. All this whilst also ensuring wearability when not in use. Nothing has been left unconsidered.

Not to be downplayed, the tech side to these is just as impressive as the aesthetics. Coupled with the specifically designed Beoplay app, settings can be preset or adjusted using smartphones or the Apple Watch based on customisation. There is a growing number of available wearable wireless devices, and this one is a fine contender. With five hours of battery life, with simple and innovative charging, there are seven ear tips for optimal fit and comfort, with exceptional sound and optimisation through the app. Settings are stored for specific types of music and tonality can be adjusted based on user preferences.

In such a small, beautifully minimal and considered package, the Beoplay H5 is a new friend worth getting to know.

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