Slava Varsovia Limited Edition


Slava Varsovia is a Polish minimalist accessory brand which is based — as the second part of the name indicates — in Warsaw. We have been following Slava’s work since its founding in 2013, observing the intricate way in which designer Anna Szydlowska manages to create a really distinguishable brand experience in a market that is becoming more and more accessible.

The current Limited Edition is another consistent step on that journey. Daring to move away from the high contrast concept of only black and white products as well as art direction, the limited edition comes in creamy rosé and white tones, giving the familiar geometric shapes of the Slava bags a completely new edge without being off-brand at all.

Shot by photographer Kasia Bielska, the campaign keeps its focus on a clear-lined, calm and modern style while honouring Slava’s core value of highlighting Slavic traditional craftsmanship and culture. This limited edition emphasises Anna’s capability of conveying the balance between lightheartedness and seriousness perfectly. Carrying a bag of hers is a statement of confidence and ease.

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