Still House Collection

industrial design

Urban Oasis’ Still House Collection is a new take on the traditional drinking vessel and serving accompaniment. The beautifying of the everyday through materiality and finish, offer an element of occasion through form. Designed in New York City, the collection is distributed both locally and internationally and has a growing consumer base. The pieces are a combination of glazed and raw ceramic elements that are intended to bring a sense of calm and simplicity.

Exhibited and sold through Still House in New York, Urban Oasis has created a collection that is both accessible, considered and embedded with deliberate minimalist detail. There is an organic quality to the forms also, playing with light and illumination through the materiality.

Open since May 2011, Still House is a vehicle for emerging designers across New York, Japan, Scandinavia and Europe and is a blend between shop and gallery where they pride themselves on being a place to find new art and design talent. Nestled in East Village, I applaud the launching pad they offer for local artists and the quality and accessibility to designed pieces they offer the end user.

Photography courtesy of Still House.

In the shop