SLAVA Varsovia


Fashion has become more accessible nowadays. The same thing can be said for fashion accessories, if not more so. Therefore, the important question for upcoming brands who specialise in these products is: How to become distinguishable? Let us look at Poland-based SLAVA Varsovia as a case study.

The brand aims to channel Slavic culture through its products — mostly handcrafted bags from local artisans. While the bags are fine-tuned with their construction techniques (seemingly seamless at times, which is a fascinating effect), its monogram is no less detailed. Adorning the minimal bags is a bold debossed glyph that trademarks SLAVA, which is easily distinguishable. Composed of grids that are isometric, it gives an intricacy to the bags, elevating their values.

With the brand’s latest campaign lookbook, SLAVA’s minimalist bags are exceptionally highlighted through the high contrast of the photography. Different brands will have different marketing strategies, but for me, SLAVA is successful in engraving my memories with its products; and not only through its products alone, but through its entire image.

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