Mist Watch


Nomad’s latest collaboration with celebrated Stockholm-based Note Design Studio, sees the Mist timepiece most welcomely brought into our lives. Designed as an entity, rather than an object, the inspiration behind the concept was to aim to make the timepiece less a feature, and more an accoutrement to the wearer, blending as an extension of their personality and an expression of their own unique style. Designed with Danish leather specialists Sørensen, Mist is made of domed glass, stainless steel, and Swiss-precision movement.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Nomad joins forces with the Swedish design force, combining their industry knowledge, design sensibilities, and united contemporary minimalist approach. Available in a variety of leather finishes and matching metal detailing, the detail of the watch face sees small stippling, adding depth. Nomad emphasise the details in each timepiece they offer and Mist is no exception. Together with Note’s constant search for the unexplored opportunities in design and desire for creating a sense of clarity and passion in their work, the collaboration is a beautiful union.

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