package design

Strike is an eye-catching collection of redesigned matchboxes in seven different dimensions and colours.

Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck joined forces for Danish design house HAY to rethink the ordinary matchbox. They combined the original functionality of a matchbox with a colourful cardboard box. The striking area once was just functional now it is part of the design pattern on each box.

The common matchbox is used almost exclusiving for advertising while the intricate red phosphorus pattern along the sides are secondary to the advert. Strike honors the activity of creating a flame.

Strike is available in the colours fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, turquoise, light blue, mint green and apricot.

Strike was recently awarded with a Wallpaper Design Award 2014 for "Best Fireside". The awards are an annual celebration of things that caught the magazines eye over the last year.

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