Point Line


Straight to the point: That’s the new approach Agata Bieleń found for her current collection, Point Line. The Polish contemporary jewellery designer made it her specialty to examine the line in three-dimensional space. This time she had a look at it from the front, and what she found was the point, the circle, and subsequently the sphere. With the sphere as the leitmotiv of this collection a new approach towards simplicity opens up — the round shape moves freely on the still omnipresent linear elements of rings and bracelets. The sphere also adorns the chains of necklaces. So while the design stays absolutely minimal, the movable orb encourages us to interact with it, to play with it lost in thought, as you do with beloved jewellery.

I personally adore this new approach as it is aesthetically perfectly austere while still having a playful vibe. Also, the movable spheres again emphasise the incredibly precise craftsmanship that Agata invests into every individual piece. And I especially enjoy the interaction between steel elements and the golden sphere in some of the pieces. But for anyone who’s not looking for monochrome jewellery, the collection is also available in pure 14k gold.

Agata Bieleń is also offering our readers a 15% discount with code: minimalissimo

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