Hikeshi Branding

graphic design

The choice of a mascot type representation of a brand is quite tricky, especially when a strong character is taken to the forefront of packaging design; everything rests on its shoulders. A Japanese brand taking this approach isn’t surprising though, but how it was done for Hikeshi is quite special and unexpected.

Hailing from half a world away is Mexican design firm Futura. The designers managed to take artisanal feel and infuse some contemporary typography to make something fresh and exceptionally stylish. The chosen illustrated mascot is the fire fighter, a true unsung hero, but considered as high ranked as samurais back in XVII century.

Such boundless creativity continues with the various colour and formats employed in their branding, all pink clad. From the geometric seal for each box, displaying beautiful typography; to their attention to detail on an old-school wooden stamp and clever adhesive tape for finishing touches. All pieces are very light visually, a victory in itself.

It is quite invigorating to see minimalism breakaway from the usual suspects and dare to adopt an unusual colour, watercolour and figurative illustrations and still come out with a cohesive concept in the end. Minimalism can play with fire.

Photography by Caroga.

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