Alfie Douglas Backpacks


Timeless, original, handmade. Those are core values of the minimalist product design approach. Often they are carelessly used in a marketing context. Not so with London based family business Alfie Douglas. Keen to keep it simple and good, the leather accessory studio will launch a new line of explicitly minimalist backpacks this spring. They’ll come in three sizes with no flap and minimal hardware to make sure the high-end grain leather is perfectly set in scene. Another benefit of the design: The less ornate, the more easily the leather adapts to its wearer:

…the more its worn, the more it moulds to the wearers body.

But why three sizes? Well, although Alfie Douglas is embedded in the tradition of local craftsmanship, they’re perfectly aware of the modern world’s dependency on technical gadgets of various proportions. So you choose which minimalist leather backpack suits your needs and your equipment best.

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