SW Lounge Chair


The chair is one object that effortlessly offers up its purpose in a very simple, minimalist but significant way, meaning that its function is relatively easy to achieve. This furniture piece needs to be functional and aesthetic at the same time, and often a well-designed chair or furniture piece can become a statement of your home and interior.

SW lounge chair was designed by Copenhagen design studio Nue Studio. It brings together Danish functionalism and French sculptural aesthetics. The combination of S&W stands for ‘Steel and Wood’, and pays homage to the ‘Red and Blue’ chair created by Gerrit Rietveld in 1918, while still having its own character and aesthetic, combining geometric lines and planes.

The designers simplified the chair through the reduction to essentials of form and colour by playing with vertical and horizontal elements. The selected colour choices, which in this case are black and white, are chosen to represent the pure characteristics of minimalism.

The original chair was made of standard production-size lumber, and the designers have opted to use standard sized steel tubes and plywood that allows it to be mass-produced. Through this piece, Nue Studio have beautifully demonstrated simplicity in their design while also offering a much respected nod to the past.

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