Sol Side Table

OrtegaGuijarro Design Studio

Good furniture is like a good friend: somebody we like to have around and who accompanies us through life, wherever it may take us. German and Munich-based furniture producer ClassiCon work with many notable designers of classic modernism as well as newcomers to contemporary design. And it is the work born from a collaboration with the Spanish design duo OrtegaGuijarro that draws our attention.

With the Sol Side Table, OrtegaGuijarro created a design with an impressive wealth of facets. As strikingly simple as the construction made of glass panels of different sizes may be, at second glance, it is pretty complex. Depending on the perspective, the incidence of light and shadows, the coloured-transparent elements of the table merge into ever-changing silhouettes and visually trick their observers. Elegant sculpture or functional side table? Sol is not either/or but both at the same time.

Sol's form definitely makes an artistic statement measuring 50 x 51 x 46cm, and each glass panel only 1.2cm in thickness. It almost looks as if it could be used as a chair. There are three colour variations of the glass table: royal blue, bronze, and grey.

As a way of launching and introducing the Sol Side Table, a dedicated film was created, titled Apex, in collaboration with Robin Barners (3D Video Artist) and Edgar Pacheca (Music Composer), with OrtegaGuijarro managing the creative direction.

Carlos Guijarro and Alex Ortega are behind the Barcelona and Berlin-based studio OrtegaGuijarro. With a background in industrial and interior design, the duo has set themselves the goal of creating individual and surprising everyday solutions. Their work is characterised by simple and poetic aesthetics, constantly searching for the juncture between curiosity and technical innovation.

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