The Cutting Edge Pharmacy


The Cutting Edge Pharmacy is a Japanese dispensing pharmacy located nearby a general hospital and owned by its president. The location was an important decision for the pharmacy as the idea was to promote the hospital with a new image in order to better its competitors.

Designed by KTX archiLAB, the pharmacy offers a remarkably clean, calming, beautiful and modern space for its patients and that is perhaps a key factor when deciding which pharmacy you can trust and ultimately provide the best medical care for you. The more advanced the medicine, the more trustworthy it becomes; true peace of mind is reached when the medical care is cutting edge.

The façade is totally glazed and contoured by protracted sharp edges, that are also projected into the minimalist white interior demarcated by a black cross. The vertical line of the cross is the gate towards the back of the pharmacy, and the horizontal one is a console for exhibiting key products. The entrance is placed on the left side of the building, in the direction of the hospital, to liberate the glazed façade from unnecessary additional lines.

This pharmacy differs in that the patient will not be called to the counter again. Instead, the pharmacist will meet them at their waiting space furnished with contemporary chairs and tables. And it’s this attention to detail that makes a big difference to patients, by providing an image of high quality service inducing the process of healing.

Photography by Stirling Elmendorf Photography.

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