Theurel & Thomas


Theurel & Thomas is a French pastry shop in San Pedro, Mexico. The design and branding company Anagrama, also located in Mexico, was responsible for the image of the shop. Anagrama’s vision for Theurel & Thomas extends from the interior design to the stationary and even to the chef’s uniforms.

The central pastry of the shop is the French macaroon, therefore Anagrama made the macaroon the center of the design as well. Every non-edible object in the store is white. However the lack of color in no way represents a lack of design detail. From the chandeliers to the porcelain dishes to the wallpaper, every object was meticulously selected for it’s pure aesthetic delight. And among all this white, the tasty macaroons gleam like charms in a jewelry store.

I am a huge fan of the simplicity of the single counter display. The arrangement of the macaroons seems to symbolize the delicacy of the pastry art. A precious dessert should be displayed like precious gems. Just as the palette treats each macaroon equally as its own flavor, Anagrama’s design gives each flavor of pastry equal precedence.  The result is a stunning exhibit of color, yet the whiteness surrounding the edibles adds a sophistication and airiness to the store. After all, what dessert could be more sophisticated and airy than the French macaroon?

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