The proportion of interior design refers to the balance between design elements such as shape, colour, and texture. In interior design, the proportion in space refers to the placement of objects within a space. Therefore, furniture within a space needs to be the right scale.

THRONE is a substantial yet delicate looking armchair made by the Berlin-based design studio NEW TENDENCY. To achieve the main goal and reveal its significant graphical shape and minimalist construction, the designers decided to use powder-coated industrial readymades.

Referencing the classic Monobloc chair, round and angled shapes come together to form a harmonious whole. And while viewing from different perspectives, the THRONE Chair changes its shape and creates a dynamic look to the interior in which it sits.

Not only would this chair offer a beautiful accent to your home, but the chair is also multifunctional. Its generous seating area can also be used as a storage area for books or as a side table. It will expose its qualities the best as a free-standing object in a living room or foyer. The colour choice embraces the design of the chair by giving it a sharp and elegant aesthetic.

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