industrial design

This clock rebels against the very thing clocks traditionally represent: time. Ironically, this clock is named Time, although more often than not the actual time is hidden from view. Studio Like This has designed this analog clock so that the hour can only be read when it is approached front-on. Through the use of modern nano technology, the classic hands disappear when viewed from any other angle.

Time requires one to hunt for the hour. It creates an extra step in our time-seeking process by forcing the user to physically move one’s body in order to know the hour. Consequentially, the classic question “what time is it?” creates a moment of philosophical analysis. One is compelled to also ask why knowing the time is important in that moment.

It is a human compulsion to constantly ask the time and we are reminded of its passing everywhere we look. Thinking about how much time has elapsed or the limited time we have can be stressful and oppressive. This clock attempts to return us to our current task by allowing the reminder of time to fade into the background. Time fights against its very presence, enabling us to finally dwell in the present.

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