Toji Sake

graphic design

Toji Sake is bringing a refined and clean approach to an otherwise acquired taste, through their classic offering. Founded by Melbourne-based Yuta Kobayashi, Toji came as the birth-child of a passion of travelling, missing tradition and Japanese Culture with the food scene in Melbourne. Refined over centuries, Yuta takes inspiration from his grandfather, and his ritual of an afternoon sake, and wanting to bring it to a larger audience.

Designed by Swearwords, this collaboration sees an intersection of tradition and appeal to the masses. The concept was conceived on a modernisation of a traditional aesthetic and rigour, with an easier globally identified approach. The result is a exceptionally crafted, minimalist and restrained design, with notes of the traditional through the beautifully textured rice-paper labelling, the note (within the cylindrical tube) of the historical beginnings of sake and the overall tactility of all the elements.

Toji Sake is not only subtlety beautiful in its presentation, but also in its delivery of an unassuming product as well. The fusion of culture, current-ness and tradition, have been mastered by these two very respectful stakeholders.

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