Bulb Fiction

industrial design

Bulb Fiction is a simple pendant lamp, created by the renown Danish studio KiBiSi. Designers Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted draw their inspiration from the shape of a humble incandescent light bulb. By refining the familiar object and turning it into an exquisite minimalist fixture, they gave it a new life. Here is their description on the piece:

Bulb Fiction is close to the original, but the classic shape has been scaled up and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one iconic shape. The same applies to the cord, which has been given extra volume using a thick white silicone cover. Bulb Fiction consists of a hand blown acid treated opal glass shade and an aluminium suspension with a soft, organic shape.

I like the subtle humor behind the glass bulb-like shade, hiding a low energy light source inside. The adjustable cord allows creating groupings of any height and intensity - a great alternative to conventional chandelier.

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