Townhouse Oberwall


Designed for the German fashion label Studiorundholz GMBH, the architecture firm apool took on the challenge of a deep and narrow site in central Berlin to deliver the brand experience for the flagship store as well as a second home for the label's owners.  Obtaining as much natural light as possible was the priority hence the generous ceiling heights and spacious volumes.

The architects' approach to the exterior is interesting as it draws attention for its clean and somewhat austere facade made of high-gloss painted aluminum panels. apool refers to it making the location recognizable and replacing classic outdoor advertising.

The 6.5m fully glazed sliding door is inviting and reveals the minimalist interiors that pique curiosity from the street while the operable shutter-like panels at the top level suggest a more private space. The scale and proportion of the street and adjacent townhouses are much respected in the sizes of these panels, which I really admire about the project, as well as the indication of public versus private use of interior spaces.

Images and information courtesy of apool architects.

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