United Measures


Founded in 2010, United Measures, the fine art frame fabrication business of Melbourne-based craftsman and designer Ryan Wards, creates bespoke and detailed frames with an earnest respect for timber.

With a background in graphic design, Ryan spent years working in a busy commercial graphic design environment, dedicating himself to framing and screenprinting in his spare time, until finally transitioning to running his own creative business. Every piece from United Measures is lovingly handcrafted by Ryan and his father, Roger Ward, with an incredible attention to detail and never using pre-finished materials.

Apart from the meticulous work in the finishing process, what I'm really in love with is the strong yet discreet graphic detailing in the frames, be them colorful lines or impeccably placed dots. All of the color, of course, is hand-tinted.

Studio photography by Lucy Feagins.

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