Green Hills

Words by Jillian Japka

Green Hills Apartment Kitchen Dining Area

The stunning Green Hills dwelling is a family home located in the Kyiv suburbs of Ukraine. The home, designed by Yakusha Design, is intended to exude peace and calm. A monochrome palette combined with an artistic curating of furniture and accessories results in a lovely residence that appeals to both minimalist enthusiasts and the merely minimal-curious.

Green Hills Apartment Dining Table
Green Hills Apartment Stairs

On entering the interior of Green Hills, one is met with an open-plan space that contains the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The exterior walls are nearly covered with windows, providing plenty of natural light for cooking and gathering with family. In the kitchen, an oversized island takes centre stage. Dark stone countertops are complimented by polished concrete floors below and a concrete finish on the wall of cabinets behind. The extra tall ceilings, along with the room’s many windows, give a light and airy feel. In the dining room, a light wood table is juxtaposed against the darker kitchen; a reference to hardwood flooring in the other rooms of the home.

Viktoria Yakusha, lead designer, the founder of Yakusha Design Studio tells us:

It seems to me that the more confident and free you are internally, the less external attributes you need. It can be used to simplifying clothes, as well as making the more concise the space you live in. After all, your home is for relaxing in, not getting tired of the details.

Green Hills Apartment Kitchen
Green Hills Apartment Kitchen Dining Area

Past the dining room, the remaining rooms in the dwelling are smaller and reflect their functions. The living room sticks to neutral tones, with a soft grey sofa and plush carpet. A built-in desk takes centre stage in the office; the wooden top highlights hardwood floors below. The bedroom feels warmer than any other room in Green Hills, taking on a more pink-beige finish than the standard greys and whites.

Green Hills Apartment Bed
Green Hills Apartment Bedroom Interior

I appreciate the array of furnishings in Green Hills. Rather than stick to one palette for furniture, as seen in so many minimalist residences, the design relies on the overall palette of the home to keep the aesthetic consistent. The furniture varies from a light wood dining set to dark metal chairs in the kitchen, to a suede wrapped bed. The overall effect is one that captures the eye and prevents the dwelling from becoming too stark. An abundance of fabrics—sheer curtains, soft linens, woven rugs—lend an air of luxury to the space, and compliments the other materials used throughout the interior.

Green Hills Apartment Bed and Side Table
Green Hills Apartment Vase

A carefully curated collection of art and artifacts, all in neutral shades, gives a sense of the resident’s personality. The variety in which the collection is displayed is particularly impressive: sprawled across the built-in shelving, floating in delicate glass vases, and hung precisely on the walls. The display is a great example of how one’s precious belongings can make a place in a minimalist home.

Green Hills is undoubtedly a relaxing home for its residents. The design is smartly crafted, combining a neutral colour palette with bursts of personality. The design feels timeless and it’s a home that one lucky family will enjoy for years to come.

Green Hills Apartment Shelving Unit
Green Hills Apartment Second Bedroom
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Kyiv, Ukraine
Interior Design
Viktoria Yakusha, Vladislav Baranow
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