Tunnel Collection


It is difficult to describe OS & OOS' project Tunnel in one word. It is aesthetic, minimal and with an original concept. The basic objects are recreated by using simple geometric forms, yet manage to result in unique and extraordinary furniture pieces. As the studio explains, this project is where traditional meets high tech. The tried and true sawhorse is a strong, sturdy and beautifully simple design that clearly represents the less is more principle. It is constructed without any physical fasteners or glue and each element is a direct supporting element, resulting in a true form of functional design.

The advances in materials are also reflected by the manufacturing process, and in this case the ability to rapidly precision cut round extruded tubes that interlock within one another. It’s mainly due to these adaptive processes that allows for traditional construction to be applied to new materials to gain even more advantages; in the case of the Tunnel collection, weight and ease of construction would be a main features.

I admire the minimalist approach and resulting contemporary designs by using simple forms to create a wide range of furniture such as a clothing rack, stool, bench, cabinet, and tables—all of which would sit beautifully in any home. Additionally, the colours of the aluminium allow you to choose a precise shade to match your interior colour scheme.

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