Twins is a pair of homes designed by WOJR: Organization for Architecture. The upstate New York homes, devised for two brothers, are at once similar and distinct. Both use the same materials and share a common aesthetic, yet one is shaped as a polygon while the other is a hexagon.

The unique, geometric structures rest on an open, flat plane, calling to mind a spacecraft landing in some sci-fi film. The homes draw inspiration from the wooded site; they exude a sense of seclusion that mimics the environment. At points the structures even suggest a welcoming of the snow, white details on the interiors seem to mimic it. Yet at other moments the residences appear to melt the snow from the inside: the warm glow from a window can change one's entire perspective on the exterior world. In these instances the welcoming light from the interiors sits in stark contrast to the isolation of the backwoods.

I love the concept behind these separate yet connected homes: one is able to express the need for solitude while having the comfort that a friend is never more than a few strides away.

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