Palmgren House


John Pawson’s latest unveiling—Palmgren House—is steadily purest to his collective body of work. Located in Drevviken, Sweden this house engrosses both an enclosed courtyard to the rear and a terrace, to the front. It aligns with the shore of Lake Drevviken and when the lake freezes over, the site is blanketed in snow, and the pale volume is all but invisible. Whether ironic, purposeful or accidental, the selection of the site to align with the minimalist palette of the build is also nothing short of considered; a nod to Pawson if there ever needed to be one.

Completed recently in 2013, Palmgren House is uncompromising in its dedication to both the contemporary architecture and minimalist movements. Pawson is minimalism and this much awaited piece fits seamlessly into the collection. The pale tonal palette of white hues, together with textbook minimalist lines brings this house together with the landscape and its context.

Like learning a new language effortlessly, Pawson has an ability to educate, excite and inspire through his resulting forms and spaces. The restrained consideration and the seemingly invisible effort in execution all seem to create a sense of calm through space. Palmgren House is a great example of minimalism and Pawson doing what he does best.

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