U Bench

art & illustration

Form follows function. This is a quote by Dieter Rams which, while admittedly simplified, inspired many who are into minimalism. But then again: what does function even mean? As artist Christopher Stuart expresses elegantly:

I ask myself: what exactly is a function? And shouldn’t furniture meet our emotional needs as well?The Present Tense

He finds an answer in his designs, which definitely fulfil basic functionalities, but always tend to be sculptures as well. The U Bench in particular is an object to be explored, to be contemplated upon and definitely, but not primarily, to be used as a seating device.

It comes in either blackened steel or in raw bronze with a wax finish, and both materials emphasise the stark but emotional impression the two combined u-shapes have on their surrounding. The blackened steel bench comes in a 72” and in a 36” version, while the bronze option is limited to the long shape. In bronze, it will keep changing its patina over time, especially when positioned outdoors. The benches, which are sold via The Future Perfect, are limited to an edition of 30. So whoever chooses to let one of Christopher Stuarts pieces comfort their emotional needs in the context of interior, can be sure that this kind of atmosphere will be an exceptional one.

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