TX-6 Mixer

teenage engineering
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Back with another distinctive design is teenage engineering and their TX-6 ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer, and multi-channel audio interface. Comparable to larger units, but with even more tech packed into one sturdy little aesthetically minimalist machine. Mix 6 stereo input channels, use tempo sync, discover the internal synthesiser and sequencer or use the built-in tuner. MFi compatibility even lets you connect to your iOS devices.

TX–6 features a 6 channel stereo mixer with a configurable knob layout. choose to have the three-band eq at your fingertips, or customise each knob to control whichever setting you prefer. With more than meets the eye, TX–6 is packed full of features and connectivity options.

Constructed in anodised aluminium with pu leather backing, the TX-6 mixer features a 3.5 mm mini jack to 6.3 mm jack adapter and a rechargeable battery.

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